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In India, the first establishment of Doordarshan Broadcasting Center was established in India in 1965. To what extent was the circulation and broadcasting of the large number of today that can be seen from today's distance. Today, from Doordarshan village to city, from Raj Bhavan to the cottage, It has been done before and it was brought to the broadcast in the game. Exercise from entertainment to entertainment, all things are shown. Doordarshan is one of the different entertainment. The goal is to have a video and video chat. Our password has entered into the world of television, including the world of Doordarshan, in a colorful world today. Today the white space is taking the color of the television. Whatever is broadcast in the audio-visual form on Doordarshan Much of the broadcast system is royal
Media means communication path by which news entertainment education figures or developing messages such as news and magazines TV radio billboard telephone fax Internet is generally called various means of media communication. Here the media can be divided into two categories: media And Electronic Media It has been classified on the basis of Shirdi split distribution and reach of national The name has been changed to consider the local theme to expand the gathering capacity and Entertainment versus education, but this category divided by the Internet played together all media by various electronic means and huge media personal media I change

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